Fortran committee representative needed

Fortran committee representative needed

FYI. The Fortran standards US committee J3 is in need of an International Representative and a chairperson. The current holders of those positions have resigned.

Michael Metcalf, editor of the Association of Computing Machinery's (ACM's) quarterly _Fortran Forum_ newsletter described the qualifications of J3 members as:

"The primary qualification is to be involved in Fortran and to be knowlegeable about it. This may be as an end user, a compliler writer or as an academic. There are quite a few people now involved who are formally retired but who just can't let go (I'm an example). J3 is a volunteer committee so there is no-one 'in charge'. If you want to be involved, please contact, in the first instance, Dan Nagle ( who'll give you more details. Membership does involve a commitment, as a minimum 4 week-long meetings per year plus preparation."

J3 interacts with the international body, WG5. These people are responsible for defining the standard for the next version of Fortran, Fortran 200x, among other things. From what I gather, it's helpful to be knowledgable about Fortran AND to be a good negotiator to be successful.

Mike Durisin

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