Building DLLs from the command line

Building DLLs from the command line


I am trying to use the command line functionality of Fortran to build DLL's.

Using a VB front end the user selects the files they want to include in the DLL and the app creates a one line DF command through which the compiling and linking of the modules is executed.

I can get the whole process to work for upto 150 modules but, some of these DLLs need to include over 500 different files !!!!

I'm pretty sure that the line length is limited to a magic number as each one of the modules requires the full path but there is nothing in the help files to say what it is ...

alternatively if somebody could suggest a way that would work for 500+ modules that would be great .... ie should I be compiling all the modules and then linking the in stages to the DLL !?!?!?


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From your VB front-end, write out a makefile and invoke nmake to build the DLL. Using nmake, you can also compile only the source files changed from last built.

Just a thought.
Greg Chien

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