arguments passing.

arguments passing.

Why my previous post has no subject? I hope this one works.


Hi, I got this run error at line 2: "call mysub(...)".
line 1 print gives " 37617776 u1: 33423424"
debug at line 30 gives:
d=1 LOC(x0) = 33423424, LOC(x1)=2147348480

It looks like something wrong at passing arguments
Does anyone know what may cause this?
thanks a bunch!


1: print *, LOC(u0), ' u1=', LOC(u1)

2: call mysub(1,u0,u1, n)


30: subroutine mysub(d, x0,x1,p)

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I don't quite understand the question, nor do I see a "run error"

I can surmise that at line 30, x1 has been copied onto the stack, but I'd need to see the whole program to understand why.


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Hi Steve

The runtime error is "forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation"
Here is the code:


 type t_bigarrays 
            	double complex	u0(ntotal/p1) 
              	double complex	u1(ntotal/p1) 
 end type t_bigarrays 
 type (t_bigarrays), pointer :: pbigarrays 
 call fft(1, pbigarrays%u1, pbigarrays%u0, pnumber%np) 
fft(d, x0, x1, p) 
      implicit none 
      include 'global.h' 
      integer p 
      integer d 
      double complex x0(ntotal/p), x1(ntotal/p) 

I can see LOC(u0), LOC(u1) push into stack correctly. But after jump to fft, I can not figure out how those values are popped.
Before passing, u0: 37617776 u1: 33423424
After jump to fft, LOC(x0) = 33423424, LOC(x1)=2147348480


Not enough information - please send a ZIP file of your project and a description of the problem to us at and we'll take a look.


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I'd like to send the whole file, but the first part of code needs special hardware. It won't be able to run at your machine.

thanks anyway.

Well, in that case I suggest you start with my article on Access Violations at

Please send the project anyway - or at least the source files needed to compile the caller and callee, and the project settings used. I may spot something that doesn't need it to be run.


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