Bad installation?

Bad installation?

Having installed Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and then Visual FORTRAN 6.1 for a mixed language project, my FORTRAN will not compile.
(1) /TRACEBACK and /WARN:NOFILEOPT are default compiler options that are not recognized
(2) Eliminating them, on my USE NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES statement for using IMSL, the compiler complains that a newer F90 compiler is required.
Am I somehow not getting access to the Compaq compiler?
Is the installation messed up because I installed on my second (D:) disk instead of on my system (C:) disk?
Any suggestions?

Sheldon Applegate

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There should not be a problem installing Visual Fortran to disk D: - mine's installed to disk F:. But Visual Fortran and MS Visual Studio should be installed to the same disk.

It sounds to me as if you have two different versions of Visual Fortran installed, perhaps an older V5, and are getting this version. Are you building from a command line? If so, check that AUTOEXEC.BAT (if Windows 9X) or your system-wide environment variables (NT/2000) reference the CVF V6.1 paths and not DVF V5.


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