array visualizer windows

array visualizer windows

On my windows 2000 machine my array visualizer windows don't update when I resize them. I make extensive use of visualizer in my software using the fortran API's. When I resize an open plot window, the window changes dimension but a black band appears in the plot where the new window area is created.

Any ideas?

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Same thing happens to me since I upgraded from 6.1A to 6.5A. I am going to report the problem to the support today.


Ditto for me.


Please do report it to, and our Array Visualizer engineers will respond.


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This is the answer that I got from vf-support:

" The "black border problem" is due to a bug in Microsoft's OpenGL
implementation for Windows 2000. We'll have a work-around to this problem implemented for Array Visualizer 1.6 (packaged with Visual Fortran 6.6) which will be out this Aug/Sept."

And I wrote back that there was no problem before I upgraded from AV 1.1A to AV 1.5A (CVF 6.1A to 6.5A).


However, I can confirm that the described behavior occurs on my Windows 2000 machine and not on my Windows NT machine.


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