Array Visualizer and Voodoo 5

Array Visualizer and Voodoo 5


I am having problems with Array Visualizer 1.1. I have been using Visual Fortran 6.0 and have updated it to 6.1a. Array Visualizer worked fine in its original setup (1.0), but since updating VF to version 6.1 (and the to 6.1a), AF works only in 256 color mode. It seems to be some incompatibility with Voodoo5 5500 display card. Has anybody else observed this and is there any cure? I have tried with all the latest drivers for Voodoo 5.

Markku Kangas
Finnish Meteorological Institute

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Array Visualizer uses OpenGL, and the OpenGL hardware support of many consumer video cards is rather poor. We've seen particular problems with ATI cards, I don't recall seeing any issues with Voodoo5 chips in particular.

Try this - download and run HWAccel.exe, which tells AV to disable hardware acceleration of OpenGL. This usually fixes the problem on most video cards. In version 1.5, there's a checkbox option in the viewer for this and I think acceleration is off by default in version 1.6, because of the problems we've seen on so many consumer video cards (whose OpenGL support is limited to Doom and other games.)


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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