Array Visualizer

Array Visualizer

I am trying to show a sequence of plots on the Array Visualizer as in the Simple2 example provided, where I load/display a new array set every time I press return. What I am trying to do was keep my fMAt or Z axis range the same say between 0 and 300 value. Right now it autoscales it such that the max and min values for the Z axis changes automatically.
I tried favsetdimscale and favsetZscale calls and they do not do what I intend to do.
Can anyone please help me.
Also is there a way to create an animation (gif or movie) file out of this without using a screen capture software

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Try using the favSetPaletteAutoAdjust routine as in the following

CALL favSetPaletteAutoAdjust(H,AV_FALSE,status) 
CALL favSetPaletteRange       (H,PALMIN,PALMAX,status) 

where PALMIN and PALMAX are the minimum and maximum values of the palette.


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