I post this questions on saturday and on monday with the Opera-browser, but the posting did not arrived the messageboard. I will take a new trial with the Netscape-browser - perhaps it?s help.
The question:

I am converting an old DVF 5.0 application to CFV 6.6. The application does BACKSPACE processing on sequential unformatted files. If I compile the following example as standard graphics application with DVF 5.0 or as console application with CVF 6.6, the program works fine. If I compile it as standard graphics applikation with CVF 6.6, I get the following error-
message in line 9:

23 severe (23): BACKSPACE error


 1      program test 
 2      integer i,k,ln 
 3      ln = 10 
 4      open(ln,file="",access="sequential",form="unformatted") 
 5      do i=1,2 
 6        write(ln) i 
 7      enddo 
 8      do i=1,2 
 9         backspace ln 
10        read(ln) k 
11        print*,k 
12        backspace ln 
13     enddo 
14     close(ln) 
15     end 

What is the mistake?

Thank you for your trouble.


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This looks to me as the same as a bug that we've fixed for the upcoming 6.6A patch kit - you haven't done anything wrong. Look for the 6.6A update in early December.


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