I've been using bit mapped fonts for several years, using SETFONT, in Quickwin applications with no problems but this morning, one NT computer has lost control of the fonts. 83 fonts are indicated but none is smaller than 24-36 point. Two separate programs do this, but only on this one computer. I didn't know where the raster graphics are generated so I switched monitor and video card without improvement. Where are the bit mapped fonts stored and what could happen to them ? Any ideas ? Thanks for your time.

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The fonts are stored in the WINNTFonts folder. It's not unheard of for fonts to become corrupted. If this happens, you need to restore them from your NT CD-ROM. Fortran has nothing to do with this.


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Many thanks. The TERMINAL font was apparently corrupted since after I re-installed it, everything worked and a calm feeling of well-being replaced desperation and dispair.

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