2d arrays in automation arrives blank in vba

2d arrays in automation arrives blank in vba

I have a dual interface server which otherwise seems to behave fine in vba (within ms-access). except that a 2d (real(4)) array is received as all zeros in the fortran code. Though clearly ok before and after the call to the cvf server.
Other data including a 1d real array seems to come across ok.
I can't be sure if 2d shape has anything to do with it but it is the only distinguishing factor.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Heck and Darnation!
Turns out the order of arguments was different between the wizard and the actual code. Chalk this one up to sheer stupidity. Or better yet delete this thread.

Still...the wizard writes the method signatures so can't figure out how two args flipped positions...too little/much coffee perhaps.


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