Printing in Quickwin under Windows XP

Printing in Quickwin under Windows XP

The software LAB Fit ( is a pack of programs designated to the treatment of experimental data, and was developed in QuickWin Application. Among the programs, two of them are destined to plot 2D and 3D graphs.

But when a graph is plotted on screen, to obtain a good quality printing (continuous line) the resource that we use is to increase the resolution of the screen to 2400 x 1800, obtain that way a ?superzoom? of the respective graph. To print this ?super screen? in a sheet of paper, the results are quite good. But there are two problems:

1) the time to initialize the printing is too long and, frequently, the user thinks that has occurred some mistake (this problem is minimized when the graph program is compiled at the Power Station 4.0)

2) When we try to print the graph with the software being executed under Windows XP there is an overflow and the graph is not printed.

a) The compilators CVF would make possible to use a filter to eliminate pixels of the white color (background screen)? If it is possible, the printing time will be expressively reduced.
b) In case it is not possible to eliminate white pixels of the calculus, how do we solve the overflow problem on Windows XP?

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