run-time libraries

run-time libraries

I am creating a single-threaded DLL which is linked against the static run-time libraries.
Do I still have to distribute dforrt.dll, msvcrt.dll and/or other run-time libraries?
If I have to distribute some libraries, can I just include them in my application folder or should they be installed in the user's system folder?

There is a "redistributables self-installing kit" available for 6.6 (VFRUN660I.exe). Do I need this kit in my case (DLL linked against the static run-time libraries), and is this kit compatible with CVF 6.6A? The 6.6A webpage mentions another kit to be released in "early January". Is this kit available?

One last question: If I have to distribute run-time libraries, are they compatible with any localized version of (32 bit) Windows (95, 98, ME, NT4, 2k, XP)?


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If your DLL is linked against the static libraries, you don't have to redistribute other DLLs. I'll ask what the status of a VFRUN kit for 6.6A is. We know of no problems using our DLLs with localized version of Windows.


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