installation problems

installation problems


I got problems to upgrade compiler from Visual Fortran 5.0 A stardard to Compaq Visual Fortran Prof. edition 6.6 in Windows NT environment. Installing program is asking installation key but do not accept it. In announcement window is text ' this is installation from version 6.5', on the other hand in package is a text 'upgarde version, needs purchage Visual Fortran 5.x or 6.x.

We have two licence for 5.0 A but both old keys give the same error message.

What shall I do ?

Matti Ylitalo
Kvaerner Pulping Oy

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See Q1039.
By the way, I think it is not recommended to announce your serial numbers this way in an open forum. But maybe I am wrong and is not such important.


I removed the serial numbers - indeed, serial numbers and other personal information should not be posted to this public forum.

Sabalan is correct - there is an error in the installation script that causes this problem and the Knowledge Base article describes the solution.

I'll remind people that this forum is not the place to request assistance from Compaq for Visual Fortran - send mail to instead.


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