data initialization in a dialog based program

data initialization in a dialog based program

This message is for Steve L. Hi steve, I have a large dialog based program. Most of the data is initialized in the routine mainsub. Ex. DATA MODELS(46) /'ALL'/
For the 1st time everything works fine- but when I hit run 2nd time from the dialogbox, somehow all the values of the variables are not the initial values even when we check them in 'mainsub'. They look like retained values from the previous run. Obviously the results are all wrong. In the dialog box I have-

hEvent=CreateEvent(NULL_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES, .FALSE., .FALSE., "MyEvent"C)  
hThread=CreateThread(NULL_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES, 0, LOC(Mainsub), hEvent, 0, LOC(idThread))  

What can be done to fix this problem?

Dilip Paul

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Sorry, I have no idea, since I don't know how your data is initialized. If you want to send us a support request, and have version 6.5 or later, send a sample program to


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