in-proces to out-of-process

in-proces to out-of-process

I'd need to test the speed cost of an in process COM-DLL to the same as an out of process library. However, there does not seem to be an easy way to convert an in process to the other after the initial "wiz'd" has run.
The problemn is that to create everything from scratch requires retyping all the interfaces , methods and arguemnts and their properties into the com-wiz'd. This is much easier said than done as itopens the door to many typos and errors.

Is this the ONLY way to convert one to the other? or is there an easier


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> Is this the ONLY way to convert one to the other?

Unfortunately, yes, that is the only way. For performance testing you should try using a DLL Server Surrogate as described in the "Advanced COM Server Topics" section of the Programmer's Guide.


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