Q1035-How to debug a DLL, duh!

Q1035-How to debug a DLL, duh!

In Q1035 it is stated to debug a DLL set the field "Executable for debug session" the the program or the interpreter which runs the client.

I am using VBA within MS-access but cannot find VB*.EXE anywhere besides how would it know to run the VBA code I want?

What is the appropriate program for VBA (within ms-access) to deisgnate for debugging a Com-DLL?


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The use of VB.EXE in that article was assuming you were calling from VB. You're not, you're using Access - so pick whatever executable (access?) you use to start the application.

To be honest, though, I don't know how well this works through COM. The article was written from the perspective of a standard DLL.


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