CGM file format

CGM file format

Does anyone know where I can get the information to write clear text CGM version 1 files using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6? The CGM file will be imported into PowerPoint for inclusion in presentations. I need high quality vector graphics. If there is any means other than CGM let me know. I can create beautiful screen graphics using QuickWin, but I don't see how to save it in any format the will scale and print well on any printer and import to PowerPoint. Help!

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You could try Winteracter - it can read and write CGM files and can be produce excellent graphics. See

Edmund Dunlop

QuickWin has that severe restriction that it's unable to produce vector output.

Winteracter is a fine product. However, if money is an issue there are also the following alternatives:

- You can (probably, I didn't verify) find description of CGM format at

- You can consider using Enhanced or Windows metafiles (EMF/WMF) which are Windows "native" format for vector graphics. Usage is relatively simple, such as:

!Do drawing here 

(slightly more complicated for EMFs). The problem is that 'Do drawing here' must be Windows GDI functions, not QuickWin's. They're not so hard to use except that you have to take care of creation, selection and destruction of fonts, brushes, pens etc. A good thing with this approach is that you can use the same code for printing. I have a collection of wrapper routines which do the boring job for you and are quite similar to QuickWin ones (so you can port existing drawing code mostly with simple Find/Replace). e-mail me if you're interested.


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