Accessing 2 concurrent instances of the Debugger Object in an Add-in

Accessing 2 concurrent instances of the Debugger Object in an Add-in

Hi everyone,

I sure hope someone can help me with this problem. While not strictly a FORTRAN question, it is related to my use of CVF and debugging a FORTRAN program.

I have created an add-in to DevStudio, using Visual Basic, which will allow me to extract data from the debugger and export it to Excel. At this
point, my add-in works like a charm when there is just one DevStudio
instance running. But ultimately, I would like be in a mode where I can
have 2 separate DevStudio instances open, each running the debugger, and
be able to run my add-in for each instance and have it export variables
that might reside in the watch window, to Excel. The trouble is, when I
attempt to do so, the add-in in each DevStudio instance is only accessing the
Debugger objects from the first DevStudio instance. I would like each
add-in instance to access its own DevStudio instance of the debugger.

In the class module that contains the routines which extract debugger
data, I instantiate local debugger objects, ala

Private pApp As Application
Private m_debugger As Debugger

Public Function DriveDataExport
Set pApp = Application
Set m_debugger = pApp.Debugger
dataValue = m_debugger.Evaluate("some variable name")

I also tried declaring the local objects using the Iapplication and
Idebugger dual interfaces, but that didn't seem to make a difference
(not that I was expecting it to)

Can anyone shed some light on this subject?


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