Browsing fortran routines

Browsing fortran routines

Again another question in regards to C++6.0/CVF6.1.A mixed language environment. I am using the browse functionality in debug mode. It is very interesting because it can follow the call hierarchy strating from GUI (in C++) up to the computational engine in F90.

The problem that I am having is that eventhough the C++ browser is very reliable, the fortran browser is very chaotic. Some days it work and some days it does not. So far, I could not find the reason behind this abnormality. I even looked at the creation of the sbr files. They are all being created for the fortran files. But, during the final stage of building the project, all of them are mysteriously being erased; i.e. the *.sbr files are still there but the file sizes are zero. Do you know the reason for this abnormality?

Ali Asi

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No, that's a new one to me. If you upgrade to 6.6 and still have the problem, let us know at


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