Sharing allocatable arrays-callback subs

Sharing allocatable arrays-callback subs


I have an dialog QwikWin graphic program that draws zooms and pans a map. The external DRAWMAP subroutine reads the map points from a file and draws the map each time it is called by callback subs START, ZOOM or PAN (buttons).
Reading the file every time a button is clicked causes a little but annoying dalay in redrawing the map to its new size or position.
I would like the START callback sub to read the file, allocate and fill an array with the map points, and make this array sharable with DRAWMAP sub, any time it is called by the other buttons.
In START callback sub I could pass the allocated array to the DRAWMAP sub but the ZOOM and PAN callback are not called by START so I do not know how to do it

I know my 5.0D is out of data but the upgrade to 6.6 is arriving next week.

Thanks for any help I can get

Geraldo Garcia

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Put the array declaration in a MODULE that is then USEd by the various routines.


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