Error:no matching specific function for this generic function

Error:no matching specific function for this generic function

After upgrading to 6.6 and now attempting to BUILD an existing project we receive this error:

Error: There is no matching specific function for this generic function reference. [GETPROCADDRESS]

This error occurs when we "USE" DFWIN or DFWINTY. Why should we receive this error (and especially with no changes other than the upgrade)?

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6.6 includes a complete retranslation of the Win32 API declarations. Without seeing your code, I can't say what is wrong - please send a short but complete example demonstrating the problem to and we'll take a look.


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In creating a small sample project to reproduce the error, I discovered the behavior that we experienced was due to some sloppy coding that was "allowed" in the past. Consider the following call to GetProcAddress:

If hlib is not explicitly declared as INTEGER, the error will occur.

BTW, this is a debugging technique that I use a lot. After a certain amount of examination of the code, I conclude that it's a compiler error and try to reproduce it with a small test program. I do find a certain amount of compiler errors this way but also it puts me in a mindset that absolutely anything could be happening in my code instead of retaining my prejudices about what the code should do. Often this is just the attitude I need to run errors in my code to ground.

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