msvcrt compiling conflict with dformd

msvcrt compiling conflict with dformd

When attempting to compile I get a conflict error message :

msvcrt.lib: error LNK2005 __imp____fpieee_flt already defined in dformd.lib

I have used /NODEFAULTLIB option in various combinations to eliminate the error but it still remains. I didn't have this problem before using version 6.5.

I also noticed that when running without the nologo option and /VERBOSE:LIB option the libraries I am assuming that it is defaulting to initially are:


I am sort of new to fortran so please exuse any terminology that I use that is incorrect.

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The problem occurs when using version 6.6 update A

Do you also have Microsoft Visual Studio (or Visual C++) installed? If so, please install Visual Studio SP5 from Microsoft. This shouldn't be necessary, but I've seen a couple of cases where it was.


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I have spoken with the person incharge of updating the systems and he advised me that I should (keyword : SHOULD) have it on my system, but when I go to check via the help take and about statement for the studio it doesn't state if a service pack has been installed. Is there another way (say via a readme file) that will state if I have service pack 5 installed?

My system was remoted updated with 6.6A so I am not sure if this could be part of it. Thanks for your help.

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