How do i call a Delphi .dll in Fortran

How do i call a Delphi .dll in Fortran

I've never really used fortran before, so am not reallly familiar with the language. For something to do at work i have to write a delphi dll and call it in fortran.
I've got a simple delphi dll that shows a message box when the procedure DllMessage is executed. There isn't a problem with the dll as i've successfully ran it in another Delphi app.

Can someone please give me a foolproof guide of what exactly i need to do to get this thing working in fortran as i really cant find help anywhere on the net. It all seems to be the other way around, fortran dll's in xxx language.

Thanks for any help :)

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There's a complete example of this on the Visual Fortran CD (6.5 and later) under INFODFSAMPLESMIXLANG The samples are optionally installed to your hard disk.


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