Save data as ASCII

Save data as ASCII

I have a program writen in fortran using Salford software, I need to save data into ASCII instead of BINARY, as I need to build a GUI using CVF, the formateis as:

CALL OpenFile (WritF, theFile, Statos)

WRITE (WritF) ValidDataId

WRITE (WritF) &Title, SubTitle, SysFreq, sysMVA, &
InputPrintDef, OutputPrintDef, AppendPrintDef, &

the above statment will save the data as BINARY Could you please show me how to save data as ASCII. (I am aware of WRITEFA@)

I would appreciate your help as, I am dealing with a big fortran file, which i need to develop a GUI for it.

Thank you in advice.

University of Canterbury
New Zealand

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