Launching Excel

Launching Excel

Want to plot (x,y) data generated within Fortran program using Excel while Fortran program continues to run. Found "AUTODICE" sample in Fortran distribution. Compiled and tried to run it but program says: Unable to create Excel object; Aborting.

Need basic guidance on sending data points from Fortran program to Excel for plotting simple scatter (x,y) plot. Very familiar with classical Fortran -- not at all familiar with interfacing Fortran with other languages or using Fortran to launch other programs.

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I want to use excel as input and output files of Fortran.
But I coudn't do it.
I use Excel2000 and Changed Excel9 istead of excel8 in the program, but I got the response" Unable to get WORKBOOK object, ensure that the file path is correct, err. 0x80028018".
I checked the file path is true.
Thanks for any replies.

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