Annotations confusing

Annotations confusing

Here is a line from my source code listing:
3 5 6 7 geom%e%L = ABS(geom%e)

Here are the corresponding annotations:
3. Not unrolling loop: unroll inhibitor
5. Unrolling loop 7 times
6. Prefetching unnamed variable, 44 bytes ahead
7. Prefetching .T34_, 32 bytes ahead

So it is not unrolling but it is unrolling 7 times? I don't understand that...

also, there are 8 annotations in total but the source listing only references 7 annotations. Is there a numbering problem between the source listing and the annotations? This might explain both problems...

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Annotations are often cryptic, I'll agree. They're there more to help understand when something wasn't optimized in a particular way, rather than as a general informational tool. I'm guessing in your case that there are two loops, because of potential overlaps, and you get two annotations. The optimizer probably fused the loops.

I suggest reading annotations for entertainment value, unless you really want to wade in deeply.


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