Automation stays in memory!

Automation stays in memory!

I have a COM server used by vba (msaccess) it appears that teh dang thing STAYS in memory after the vba clint is done ( and "removes the reference" successfully) and even if I copy a new DLL AND register it again while access is open.

The only way to get the new DLL to become effective is to completely shut access down and back on, again.

Is there a way for the server to unload itself (or from within vba, or some other place to free unused libraries??) without shutting access down.

Any hints will be VERY much helpful.


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Have the client call the WIN API routine CoFreeUnusedLibraries

The registry solution works but it really should be reserved for "low memory" systems since it totally disables chaching which under other cirsumstances may cause big slow downs.


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