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Current Directory

Hello All,
I've written an application that uses a universal file chooser routine (in .dll) to obtain required input files from the user at run time. One attribute of this file chooser is that it accepts dragged-and-dropped files. The problem is that output files that get created by my application (sometimes by routines I call from my application) don't have a home. They get created in changeable locations, typically c:Winnt or subfolder under here. Although the help text cautioned that it wouldn't work, I tried issuing a "CD c:dragndroppedfilefolder" command via the systemqq function, without success. Is there any way that I can change the current directory so files created by my application get created in the same directory (folder) as the input files?
Thanks, Jack M. O'Leary

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Thanks for your suggestion. You're right. I'm not sure why I tried the systemqq "command" solution. I guess I just found it first and forgot to continue the search for other possibilities such as changedriveqq and changedirqq.

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