Changing variable name in NAMELIST

Changing variable name in NAMELIST

I have inherited some code from 2 years ago that does not work with 6.6 (What was the version then? 6.5?). I don?t know if the author was experimenting with EQUIVALENCE and if the code did work with the previous version or not. Consider a file containing a variable named alfa. The following code does not work with 6.6, I have to use alfa (instead of beta) at NAMELIST and then EQUIVALENCE is not needed. Did this work with some of the previous versions? Is there any way to have alfa in the file and beta in the NAMELIST?

       REAL(8) alfa, beta 
EQUIVALENCE(alfa, beta)
NAMELIST/varname/ beta
COMMON/comname/ alfa
Open the file
READ(?., NML=varname)


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I can't reproduce the behavior you describe. Please construct a small but complete example that demonstrates the problem and send it to us at My guess is that the problem is not what you think it is, and that CVF is doing the right thing.

An easy test to make is to do the NAMELIST READ from the console (unit *) and type in:


This will display the name of the NAMELIST it is looking for and all of the variables in that NAMELIST.


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