Trouble installing 6.6 on XP

Trouble installing 6.6 on XP


I am trying to install Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 (standard) on a new Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows XP. There are no passwords set on the machine and my account is 'computer administrator' status. When the installation process gets to the 'Select Folder' window, there are zero names listed under the 'existing folders' section. The default name for the new visual Fortran folder is "Compaq Visual Fortran 6". Ok. When the installation is 96% the way through, it craps out saying:

"Setup unable to create 'Compaq Visual Fortran 6'...Please create a folder called 'Compaq Visual Fortran 6' in the Start menu Programs folder and try again. Contact Compaq if problem persists."

Where exactly is the install looking for this folder? Why can't it see the existing folders? (there are several items in my start menu). How can I talk to a live person to get this resolved??? I need this working today...please help...



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Please write to with a description of the problem - our installation expert will help you. We don't have phone support, sorry..

The folder it want to create is under Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuPrograms

Dell systems seem to be common sources of installation problems, due to a non-standard shell they sometimes install. I suspect this is your problem as well. There is a set of things to try in our Frequently Asked Questions list that may help you.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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