running 6.6 on a Dell with XP

running 6.6 on a Dell with XP

This is a follow-up to my previous post...

I am trying to install 6.6 on a Dell Inspiron running XP.

I blew away my previous installation files for fortran and ran x86/setup -fdebug.ins. 90% through the installation, I get 'Function on line 3344 returned status = -1'. I clicked on 'ok'. Then 94% through when creating registry entities, I get:

"Installshield engine encountered a problem and needs to close". At this point, I have the option of sending or of not sending an error report (I did). The installation stops.

Looks like there are lots of files in COMMON, DF98, and VC98. I go to DF98/license and double-click on LICRESET. It 'successfully enters into registry.' Now, I have no passwds set on my machine and mine is the only user account and I am administrator, so I should not need to run REGUSER (this craps out if I try to run it anyway).

I can launch DFDEV and load a fortran source file but when I try to compile it, I get:

"No license available or product improperly installed.
Fatal error LNK1104: cannot open junk.obj"

What can I do to remedy this?

Thank you very much,


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