VF and OPENGL to save bmp

VF and OPENGL to save bmp

My ultimate goal is to save the screen that I have created in VF using OpenGL to a bmp file. I have been trying to port the C++ code from the openGL superbible (pg. 260-263) to read and write a bmp from the screen. I have not had a lot of luck. I keep getting hung up in the differences in syntax and how they handle pointers. (my C++ experience is limited) I know I can save a bmp easily using QuickWIN, but I really want to stay away from that, because I will eventually be compiling this as a DLL.

Any suggestions out there? Has anyone converted the C++ code of the OpenGL superbible to Fortran? Does anyone have an openGL and VF routine to save a bmp?

The other approach I tryed was to call the C++ functions from my VF application, but I have not had a lot of mixed language luck either.


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I think this is just what you need.


That did the trick.

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