"warning LNK4084" related question

"warning LNK4084" related question

I am developing a code that uses large amounts of memory. For some of the largest runs, I get the linking error, for example:

Debug/multi_layer.exe : warning LNK4084: total image size -1804611584 exceeds max (268435456); image may not run

Which is strange just because CVF thinks the image size is negative. The created executable "is not a valid win32 application." Have I just hit the 1.75 GB limit in Win2K mentioned in the Knowledge Base? If so, changing matrices to "allocatable" is not a great option for a couple of reasons - are there any other options? Should I expect to have this type of problem with a UNIX-type OS as well?

I can link and execute for virtual memory sizes up to ~1.92 GB, trying to exceed that I get the "is not a valid win32 application" error.

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You've exceeded the Windows 2GB limit for process virtual memory. You'll have the same problem on most any 32-bit OS. Either restructure the program so that it needs less virtual memory, or switch to a 64-bit platform such as Itanium or Alpha.


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