How use GetCurrentDirectory

How use GetCurrentDirectory

Would someone write all the code required to use the function GetCurrentDirectory? I cannot find any samples in any of the documentation or users guides. I've tried various things that don't work, such as:
Integer inum, ret
character*20 adirectory

ret = GetCurrentDirectory (inum, adirectory)

I don't get any compilation errors, it just doesn't work.

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First argument is length of character buffer:

IF (GetCurrentDirectory(LEN(aDirectory), aDirectory)) THEN 
    !Strip trailing char(0) 
    aDirectory = aDirectory(1 : INDEX(aDirectory, CHAR(0)))

...of course, aDirectory should probably be far more than 20. In general, you should use constant MAX_PATH (=260).

Bah, sorry for 3rd message, "Edit" button doesn't work -- I forgot .GT.0 in the first post.

Thank you!! It worked perfectly. You are GREAT. Do you know where in the documentation I could find examples of using this (or any) function? Thanks Again!

There are dozens of examples using Win32 APII routines provided with CVF. There's also the new book Compaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to Creating Windows Applications.


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