Hi @ll,

I would like to use the messagebox for displaying a calculation result. How can I get the "text"C containing my result? I tried to use a character-variable, but without the "C" at the end it didnt work, and I couldnt get it there. Any idea? I didnt find any help in my manuals concerning this

used code to display the messagebox:
stat = messagebox(ghwndMain, "text"C, &
"Calculation result:"C, MB_OK)

a similar problem is also the problem of inserting a "newline" in a static-text-field of a dialog. How can I include a Newline-Parameter in a text-String.

Thanks a lot,


P.S: Of course the messagebox and the static-text-field works with static text-strings... But no variables in the first one, no newline in the second one :-(

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Problem solved. I dont know why, but char(13) works now for a newline, and even varibales are interpolated. Perhaps the problem was, that I tried to use char(13) and char(10) in combination...
Anyhow, it works, greetz,


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