read bitmap from file to array

read bitmap from file to array

Dear all,
I need to read several bitmap (*.bmp) files into a 3-D array to work on the pixel values.
I found a solution using Quickwin & LOADIMAGE & GETPIXEL. However this is very time consuming, so reading 500 files takes very long.
I tried to use other options, e.g. using GETIMAGE which reads the screen image into a buffer. However, I wasn't able to interprete the buffer format, and I also found that the buffer format differs on Windows98 and Windows 2000.
Then I tried the subroutine "BitmapGet" which is part of the QUICKWIN samples. I was able to read data which was created using "BitmapPut", but not when the screen was created using LOADIMAGE.
Does anybody know a better solution for this task? If necessary, I can provide the test program I'm working with.
Best regards, Reiner

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I do not have any solution to your problem, but could I know the way you are using BitmapGet and BitmapPut to make the buffer? My e-mail is
Thanks in advance

The missing link is

I receive the information.
Thank you very much for the help.

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