Failed to install

Failed to install

Install got a long way into the process before failing with this error code: 1603 -- Error 1. Invalid Drive: 2

Any workaround for this?

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We haven't seen this particular error condition before. To diagnose this, we need to look at the Windows log files and analyze what happened. I'll add a post shortly with instructions on how to collect and send those to us.

Sorry for not responding sooner. Here are the instructions for finding the Beacon Mountain log files. Also, could you tell us how much memory is installed in the PC that is seeing this error? Finally, are you required to use an internet proxy to access files outside of your network? We don't need your proxy information. Its just sometimes helpful to know if a proxy is involved in the internet communication path.


Downloadapplication/pdf beacon-mountain-log-files.pdf385.35 KB

>>...Sorry for not responding sooner. Here are the instructions for finding the Beacon Mountain log files...

Once again, please create a Sticky Post with a consolidated list of already known installation issues and with a description on how to access log files. You've attached that pdf file in several threads already and it is Not a good idea since if you make some updates in the file all the rest will be out-of-date. So, just keep one version in one place and provide it as a reference or a web-link.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the suggestion Sergey.  We want to keep this forum in a conversational format, but you bring up a great point.  We will look at the best way to provide references to commonly asked questions.


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