Please Clarify doubts about the beacon mountain.

Better release a good tutorial for this..

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Hi Ashwin, this link is very interesting, if you want, review you.


Hi Ashwin,

You asked to clarify doubts about Beacon Mountain.  Could you help me understand what doubts you have?

Below is a copy of the response to your more recent request for a tutorial:

Thanks for your suggestion Ashwin.  We don't currently have a comprehensive tutorial, and definitely see the value in one.  However, to get started, take a look at the 'Readme.rtf' file in the C:/Intel/BeaconMountain directory.  This will help you get up and going with Eclipse.  Since we don't currently have a all-inclusive tutorial, you will probably want to look at tutorials specifically for Eclipse.   There are also samples/examples installed with several of the packages (IPP,TBB,etc.)


Hi Ashwin,

Please try to be technically precise. Let's say you have some issues already. Then, inform about it and upload a test project. I'm absolutely confident that somebody will help you to resolve the issues.


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