Install Failed Win7, Need assistance on what to do...

Install Failed Win7, Need assistance on what to do...

Upon running the BeaconMountain_websetup application an error dialog pops up showing:

                         Installation aborted: Failed to download configuration files.

                        Error: The download has failed (the connection was interrupted).

                        Press 'Retry' to change proxy settings and try again, or 'Cancel' to cancel installation

Please assist, donn't know what proxy settings to use or setup, or what & why the need.  I successfully downloaded the setup application and have internet access.   

Is there an installation/setup manual somewhere?

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Hi David,

      In order to get an idea of what might be happening, I would need to see the log files.  I have attached a document showing how to access them.   Please post your log files when you get a chance.   Please post whether or not you are behind a firewall, and require a proxy.




Downloadapplication/pdf beacon-mountain-log-files.pdf385.35 KB

Hi David, do you  connect on enterprise network?


All: thanks for your replies...

Chuck:  No "micl_tmp..." dirs under AppData.  Seems like the install didn't get as far as creating any log file:

                                 C:\workspace\DoorBell\res>dir %TEMP%\micl_tmp_%USERNAME%
                                 Volume in drive C is WD1p0Tb
                                 Volume Serial Number is 246A-CDBF

                                 Directory of C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp

                                 File Not Found

JudLup: no enterprise connections, (home setup): hardwired from PC to a Netgear WRT54GS switch, to a DSL modem to the world.

Tried to no avail to set BeaconMountain_websetup.exe priviledges to run as administrator.

Is there a place where a complete install package can be downloaded instead of the "websetup" process? 

Additional FYI, Attached is PDF with my IE Internet settings.  When BeaconMountain install aborts and offers to "Retry" to change proxy settings, pressing "Retry" brings up IE Internet settings.


Downloadapplication/pdf ie-internet-settings-david-p.pdf483.13 KB

Hi David,

   Thanks for the images of your settings.   Since you can post to this site, I assume that internet connectivity is not the issue.   Do you have another machine you can try it on, just to see if it gets further?

Chuck: Confirmed: No "micl_tmp..." under  C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp.

New Info (no success yet...):

    Unaware of OS requirements, tried on WinXP box :

    1) Copied BeaconMountain_websetup.exe from Win7 to XP box using USB key.  Tried to run it and again got the Abort dialog.

    2) Then, proceeded to download BeaconMountain_websetup.exe on the XP box, rant it and it did run.

    3) Of course, after some downloads and work, the install ended due to unsatisfied OS requirements

Back to the Win7 box:

    1) I mostly use Chrome (this is how I downloaded the install EXE, and post to this forum).  

    2) Since the install aborty dialog Retry button triggers Internet Explorer Prosy settings, I decided to try using IE starting from scratch.

    3) Looks like IE on my PC has issues because it did not complete even downloading the original BeaconMountain_websetup.exe program! The Download followup control buttons at the bottom of the screen (Open, Save, Save As, Save and Open, Cancel) do NOT respond to clicking.

    4) I've attached a capture of the IE window (BeaconMountain IE download freeeze), the unresponsive buttons show at the bottom of the screen.

    5)  Not sure what security settings on IE are blocking operations... what to do???




Hi David,

    Thanks for the new info.   Your experiment gave me an idea.  I wonder if your IE is set to use a proxy.  Can you verify that you aren't specifying a proxy server or proxy script?  I have attached a couple of screenshots showing this.  Basically, click 'Internet Options' ->'Connections' tab ->'Lan Settings' button near the bottom.  


Downloadimage/jpeg ielansettings.jpg12.97 KB
Downloadimage/jpeg inetoptions.jpg17.93 KB

Hi Chuck,

My Lan Settings match your images, no proxy settings.  My machine has a vanilla, pristine install of IE, I seldom use it, it only has whatever automatic updates were installed by microsoft.

On further research I found other problem reports re downloading files using IE:


I tried their advise without success.  Some not-evident configuration or bug in IE's preventing me from downloading any files. I tried other website downloads and no luck.

On the "IE9 and IE10 cannot download/open any files" page there's reference to security zones and GPO... whatever that is.

Wondering how's BeaconMountain web setup tied to IE, perhaps through ActiveX??  What would it take to allow the setup process to go through any browser (other than IE)?  And, if that's not feasible, download a complete install package?


Thanks! (BTW, I'm using IE to enter this comment...)

Chuck, all: Many thanks for your help.

After further search for info on issues with downloads using IE10 where IE10 appears badly broken, decided to roll back to IE9.

Downloads now work, and Web setup is now in progress.

Perhaps the item to note in your install guides is the need to verify that if IE10 installed on PC, it allows file downloads.  

Some of us don't use it.

Great work David...   I am glad you figured this out.  

We will certainly be looking into this issue, and work on an appropriate response.

Thanks for your persistence.


>>... I have attached a document showing how to access them...

A Note for Intel software engineers:

A Sticky Thread related to issues with installation needs to be created ( FAQ is needed as well ). The Forum just started and I see that it is full of posts like '...I can not install...'. The situation with installation of Intel Beacon Mountain reminds me troubles with installation of Intel HAXM driver on Windows platforms.


Thanks for the suggestion Sergey.  We want to keep this forum in a conversational format, but you bring up a great point.  We will look at the best way to provide references to commonly asked questions.


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