Installer hangs with about 1 min- Running scripts

Installer hangs with about 1 min- Running scripts

Hello! I have tried a couple of installs of Beacon Mtn on my MacBook Pro and the installer seems to be doing it's job up until it gets to 'about 1 min' left... it's states that it's running the package scripts.  But it never stops.  I force quit, uninstalled, re-downloaded and installed again with no difference... can anyone help??  Is it supposed to take forever?


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Hi Claudia,

     We currently have a bug in the installer which causes the "1 minute remaining" statement to show up way too early.  The OS X installer can take up to 40 minutes to install (depending on internet connection). 

Please try re-installing, and give it up to 40 minutes to complete.  You can also monitor the progress of the install by viewing the log files in real time:

  1. From the Installer menu, you can choose to view the install log.
  2. From the command line, run “tail –f  /var/log/install.log”


Let me know if this fixes your problem.



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