Beta testing between developers

Beta testing between developers

I am currently an iPhone developer and I am curious, will there be a way for developers to test programs between each other safely (such as the adHoc development with iPHone)? i.e Will atom developers be able to allow other developers to test programs securely?
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We are checking on this.

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If not on Intel's end, it shouldn't be too much work for a developer to #ifdef out the authentication code for privately shared builds (Oh boy! No adding people to your account just to send them a playable!). But yeah, we don't really know how the store(s) and SDK are going to work yet, and what add-ons need to be thoroughly tested.

Thanks for your Question chymel.

Yes, we are looking at adding a capability in the future which would allow application developers to allow a set of users to test applications securely. Look for the updates on the home page for more details on this feature.

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