Beta Testing app

Beta Testing app

We have submitted a couple of our programs and both have come back with "Failure Reason: ILU01". After speaking with a couple of people they told me to try using the beta version of the app store to test the installs. Every time i add the program to my account it does not show up in the app store under my apps. Anyone have any idea? thanks
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I just tested your report with a Beta Test invitation and the program showed up correctly under "Pending Downloads":

Have you followed the correct procedure to make a Beta Test as described here:

Best Regards

Andre B.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center


When you invite yourself to try your Beta, ensure the email address you are entering it he email registered with AppUp, not your Atom Developer Program Email.

Sometimes you need to:

1.) Close AppUpp, then go to the task manager and terminate the "Service Manager" process, then run AppUp again. That process caches data for the primary AppUp client (or so it seems) at times.
2.) Re-install AppUp

* Remember that at times your app may take a little while to appear n the store for beta use

Hi Joshua,

Thank you, I received your invite. I saw the same issue initially but was able to see your app by exiting AppUp and coming back in.

Hal G.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

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