Beta testing invitation cannot contain 'new line' character.

Beta testing invitation cannot contain 'new line' character.

After noticing that my invitation wasn't being sent to my beta testers, I decided to send a few invitations to myself to figure out whether I may be using some invalid character that was preventing it from sending or something. It turns out that the invitation has to be written on a single line, otherwise it won't send, and frustratingly there is no error message to tell you that it hasn't sent. Thanks Rob EDIT: Actually, don't worry about it; it's not much of a problem. It would be useful though to mention this on the beta invitation submission page.. Cheers
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You have a good point. I too would like to know when an invitee does not have an AppUp store login.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your feedback.
This feature (inviting user to register with AppUp Store) is already existing.

Basically during the app submission stage, when developers are inviting beta testers to test their application, if they put an email address that is not registered on the AppUp(SM) Center you will get a message in red stating "Beta testers must be registered in the app store. The following email addresses are not registered. You may invite them to register so that they will be eligible for the test."

Just below the message you will find the email address that is found not to be registered on the AppUp(SM) Center and there is an "Invite to Register" button which when clicked will pop up a invitation message that you can send to those people and invite them to register themselves on the AppUp(SM) Center.

Give it a try and let me know if you are having any issues with it.


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DG Rooven

That feature works perfectly, thanks Rooven.

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