Intel AppUp center beta - error code 6

Intel AppUp center beta - error code 6

Hello I am beta testing my application and it starts system with Intel AppUp without any error at my development, but when I try to start it on any other fresh system at intel AppUp it displays error "The application was not authorized for use on this machine (Code: 6)". I also looked into error codes here '' and it says "Required argument not specified". I am using GUID provided at MyDashboard. I am doing this all on windows machine. Now I am in a fix, what is the meaning of this error and how to solve it. I also checked my .msi with Orca and everything seems correct including shortcut, feature, component etc. Its very urgent..... please help me to solve this issue. ~vishal.
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Hi Vishal.

Thank you for your query.

On the other machine, can you download and run any other applications without error?
Please make sure that the operating system is updated to the latest update available from Microsoft. Some applications may generate errors if the system is not up-to-date.

Are you using the latest version of the AppUp(SM)? If not, please download the latest version from this link:

In the meantime I will see if I can get somebody from the validation team to assist you in your beta testing.


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Intel AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

Hi Rooven,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked this on two windows machine and got the same error message.
Also I am using latest version of AppUp(SM).

That will be great if you find someone to assist me in beta testing my application.

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Vishaloff,

The error code specifed that you are using the Wrong GUID.
Please double check you are not using ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID when submitting for beta testing.

Also Is your application .NET based or a C++ based.
Can you please invite me for beta testing so that I can try to find out what's going on.
Please check your private messages for my beta testing email account



Just a small tip to confirm which GUID you are using:

On those machines which show the error, go ahead and uninstall the AppUp client, and install the ATOM SDK. Then start the ATDS emulator and run your application again. You will see ATDS verbose the GUID passed to it from you application.

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