Looking for Acoustic Multi-Touch Screen Manufacturers to Beta Test AppUP Product "FeelMe"

Looking for Acoustic Multi-Touch Screen Manufacturers to Beta Test AppUP Product "FeelMe"

It is one thing to run successfully against models and simulations, but it quite another to run against the real thing! Are there any acoustic touch screen manufacturers out there that can provide a test bed for my beta test step. It can be any type of acoustic accelormeter configuration, my boot loader senses the geomerty and the sensor type and location or it can be manually input at boot. Thanks
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You may want to get in touch with Nokia or Asus as I believe both of their upcoming tablet offerings are acoustic multi touch. The added benefit being that one is Windows and the other Meego (based upon various internet sources).

If you are looking for an actual lcd manufacturer I suggest KeeTouch:


FeelMe does not have the limitation of the SAW products that you attached as a reference, nor does it have an IP issue that would have to be addressed, it goes beyond the 3M Touch Screen dispersive wave, and the Tyco Electronics Acoustic Pulse Recognition, and the French Company they acquired IPs. Are you suggesting That I start with the SAW implementation and do a teardown? In addtion,

1 Correct me should I be wrong… The Meego touch implementation is a wish and a hope within the next 120 days, and I would prefer this path, BUT referencing the MeeGo forum (see my posting at MeeGo.com Dev) the Touch Stack is not there today, also “real” touch experience requires Acoustic implementation not capacitive, so unless I have drawn the wrong conclusion my preference of a MeeGo solution before Christmas is out of the question.

2 Asus would be a great approach right now on a Intel Atom, 2 CPU chip, there “FeelMe” would have room to breathe, running on the Windows7 Platform we could move more quickly to a 52” SmartTV MultiTouch promptly thereafter, faster to market less development. Please help me connect with Asus development, and send over a prototype of their hardware, all I need is the Piezoelectric sensor equipped panel, or a finished Tablet or Netbook that I can inject the Atom “FeelMe” solution into between the sensors and the panel hardware manufacturers ADC/Mixed Signal IVC, and substitute the ATOM CoP running “IFEEL” boot loader and “FEELME”. I could go to the bench (Travel budget is in my application for the Atom Developers Funding I filed, as well as the cost of an ongoing lab bench (Intel must have an OEM bench some where, I had several at IBM Labs where I formally did this kind of work.


I sent an email to identify the correct contact at Intel which may be of assistance. I will PM you with their details once I receive a reply.

As for ASUS, you would need to get in touch with them through their public facing website to get the ball rolling:


Thank you! I will proceed to go to the site you reference, await your feedback, will document the ASUS contact as it unfolds

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