is the Big data ever proven to be secure?

is the Big data ever proven to be secure?

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Your business and the markets you operate in are rapidly changing. This new world is driven by globalization, consumerization, hyper competition and data explosion. 

Organizations that derive insights from more data sources outperform their peers. The challenge is that the myriad of different types of data and in some cases the scale and complexities of the data make it awkward or impractical to analyze with traditional analytic and database tools, systems and technologies. NoSQL technologies and advanced analytics cater for the range of data types and scale of data but create their own operational challenges. The technical capability and capacity required to use and manage these advanced analytics have created skills shortages and introduced new operational risks. Companies looking to gain competitive advantage through advanced analytics want to ensure successful and timely implementations at a cost that is aligned with projected returns and can be operated and managed at scale.

CSC provides a fully integrated and managed Big Data Platform in an as-a-Service model that utilizes advanced web-scale technologies to enable application developers to quickly develop, test and deploy applications that require any combination of ad hoc, batch and real-time analytics.

CSC Big Data Platform as a Service allows you to:

  • Have a full managed, analytic development environment ready to use in under 30 days, not months, and scale to address the most complex hybrid environments
  • Support batch, adhoc and in-memory analytics
  • Provide application developers a platform designed to ingest, integrate and manage data from any source and in any format
  • Benefit from the technologies and operating principles that underpin Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other businesses that rely on big data to improve customer experience, generate revenue, improve operations, manage risk more effectively and transform business processes
  • Ensure that your environment is always available, performs at scale and grows as needed

CSC's service eliminates the implementation and operational headaches caused by big data. Our proprietary systems management wraps a proven configuration of standard open source technologies to provide a robust, scalable, secure and reliable service, giving you a simple, developer-friendly environment. CSC service comes with the option of a modular security approach to appropriately protect your data and support regulatory compliance requirements like PCI, HIPPA. It can be deployed in public cloud, virtual private cloud, enterprise private cloud and dedicated clusters depending on your business use case and data sensitivities.

Our service allows you to focus on creating the applications that will drive value for your business instead of spending your time learning to design, test, deploy and manage a secure, scalable and available big data "infrastructure stack." Our primary services include:

  • Hadoop — Elastic Hadoop clusters and batch analytics
  • Queries — NoSQL database and ad hoc, query-based analytics
  • Streams — Streaming data and real-time analytics

CSC service offers a range of options so it can be tailored to support a wide variety of use cases from proofs of concept through to real-time machine to machine predictive analytics using web-scale data volumes.

This is a new technology for most organisations. Any technology that is not well understood will introduce new vulnerabilities.

Big Data implementations typically include open source code, with the potential for unrecognised back doors and default credentials.

  1. The attack surface of the nodes in a cluster may not have been reviewed and servers adequately hardened.

User authentication and access to data from multiple locations may not be sufficiently controlled.

Regulatory requirements may not be fulfilled, with access to logs and audit trails problematic.


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which I mean the use of machine learning, statistical analysis, and other data ... much of it seems non-personal, researchers have shown that almost any attribute, when combined ... indeed, they may have made binding promises to safeguard data security. ... The data release is the largest of its kind ever done.

Yes, when a Big Data Set is stored in a Secure place.

For example, in an SQL Database on a secure server and all access is done trough secure http ( aka https ) and all internet traffic is encrypted...

YES, the big data is a simple concept, but if this information is stored in secure place like a cloud servers of microsoft or google, is very secure.

In big data environments, data is routinely replicated and migrated among a large number of nodes. In addition, sensitive information can be stored in system logs, configuration files, disk caches, error logs, and so on. Vormetric Transparent Encryption efficiently protects data across all these areas, delivering encryption, privileged user access control, and security intelligence. In addition, with Vormetric Protection for Teradata Database, your organization can gain the comprehensive, granular controls required to secure the most sensitive assets across your Teradata environments, while enabling you to maximize the business benefits of your big data investments. Java training in chennai

But don't we need to convert NoSQL data into some other structured format first before we can make sense and relations among what we've collected? 

The period of big data is producing unprecedented amounts of data points giving us greater insights that drive exciting research, better business decisions, and in many ways, greater value for customers. To achieve these outcomes, organizations need to be able to handle it efficiently, quickly, and because often this data will include sensitive information – securely, all at scale.

Unfortunately, many organizations hesitate looking at security – and more specifically, encryption – when it comes to big data solutions because they are concerned about deploying at scale or impeding the analytics tools that make these solutions so valuable in the first place.

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Big data encryption and key management enterprises trust

Gemalto's SafeNet portfolio of data protection solutions let customers secure their big data deployments – whether it’s a Hadoop infrastructure, or a non-relational (NoSQL) database such as MongoDB or Couchbase – without getting in the way of the analytics tools that make these solutions important. Additionally, MCR Varsity Jacket Gemalto unifies these – as well as an entire ecosystem of partner encryption solutions – behind a centralized encryption key management appliance.

YES, the big data is a simple concept, but if this information is stored in a secure place like a cloud server of Microsoft or Google, is very secure. He also offers a short list of criteria for selecting a big data security solution. ... than ever making big data a “big deal” thanks to the massive volume of ... within the big data environment
Many Mobile App Development Company uses big data. 

Custom software development company

Totally agree with Jenny that there are many mobile app development company those who use big data for app development. And using big data for different kind of software is quite common nowadays.

Big Data security is the processing of guarding data and analytics processes, both in the cloud and on-premise, from any number of factors that could compromise their confidentiality. Big data security is a constant concern becauseBig Data deployments are valuable targets to would-be intruders.

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Of course, it is indeed secure. They protect and provide good service as always to their customers.


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