How to delete an application?

How to delete an application?


I'm too dense to figure out how to delete an application I've added in CSP.  Is there a link that I'm missing?

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I would like to communicate you that we are working on this issue and soon as I get a response for your case, I'll reply back.

I would like to apologize for all the inconvenience this may cause you and I want to thank you for all your patience.


Roger F.

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Unfortunately, you can't delete an app once its created. We will be adding this feature in the future. Thanks for the input. 

Great, thanks.  I should be more clear on my need: I really want the ability to revoke a client_id/secret_id pair, in case I've let them leak.  Deleting an app is one way of doing this, as would be the ability to generate a new set of keys for an application.  Can I refresh the client and secret id for an app?

>> I really want the ability to revoke a client_id/secret_id pair, in case I've let them leak.

It sounds like a valid request. Especially for the apps that use Commerce service. The first thing which popped up in my head is to disable all the service APIs in an app settings; that would "block" an application from using APIs. It's just a workaround of course, let us see what CSP people would recommend.

Ah ha, of course Dmitry!  I just turned off all of the services for my app, which is a round-about way of getting what I wanted.  Thanks.

I am also searching for the same solution to delte an app in clud services

till now, no solution has been found!

You can't delete an application once it is created. In the event of a leak of information, you can disable all your services for that app and that is the best solution at this point.

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