Intel® Cloud Services REST API WADL

Intel® Cloud Services REST API WADL

I looking at the Intel Cloud services REST API docs and the API itself I did not find any refference to a .WADL file being published. 
there is a lot of pro/con on the use of WADL in rest but really at this point just wanted to know if one was available. 

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I understand that you are seeking information on the language WADL on the Intel® Cloud Services Platform, and that you wish to know if it’s available for you on our portal.

Please allow me to explain you that at the moment we have perform a quick research on our site and at the moment we are escalating the case to our engineering department since the information is temporary unavailable. As soon as we have the information available we will let you know immediately.


Cristian L.

Intel Cloud Services.

Cristian L

 Cristian, thanks very much . We do appreciate both the escalation and keeping us in the loop. We wait with anticipation for any follow up information you and your team can provide. 

We don't support WADL since we have the REST API.

WADL is a REST-equivalent of WSDL for SOAP APIs. We support REST, so no need for WADL

I hope this makes it clear.


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