Authentication Token Timeout

Authentication Token Timeout

I'm looking at the page and I see the expires_in field. I'm having a timeout issue and want to determine if it is our system or Identity Services. 

What is the default session time? how is it refreshed?  Is it immutable in terms of configuration?

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The API Management layer authorizes the app and returns an application authorization token for use in all subsequent calls for the current session. The token is an OAuth bearer token with an expiration of 90 minutes (5399 seconds). The refresh token is used after expiration of the original access token to request a new access token (with grant_type="refresh_token"). The app is responsible for catching access token expiration and handling the refresh request. The app should delete all tokens when a user logs out of the app.

Token Request  in REST :


Response looks like


    "OAuth20": {

        "access_token": {

            "token": "dadc045f68956c203ce3e43511e71b5d",

            "refresh_token": "2896e70c1a9325340e0047fc5e0c8746",

            "token_type": "bearer",

            "expires_in": 5399





This is similar to OAuth similar to facebook and twitter authentication?

Hi, this token is supplied for an algorithm on the server?


Hi, let me check on that and we will let you know soon.


Yes, this token is returned when you request it from the Identiy Service. 

The REST call might look something like this in Javascript:

var AuthRequestURL = BaseURL + '/identityui/v2/auth?client_id=' + APIKey + '&redirect_uri='+ RedirectUri + '&scope=profile:full+profile:full:write' + '+profile:external:'+ APIKey +':read' +'+profile:external:'+ APIKey +':write' +'+user:details+user:scope+profile:basic+billing:confirm+recommendations:basic&state=' + id + '&auto_register=true&response_type=token';

If you like to see a sample, I have a C# app that does 3 leg Asyncrhonous authenication. I can send you a copy and we can chat more.

Please send me an email at

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