C# support

C# support

Hello there,

I'm just wondeing how to consume the API or the underlying services directly from C#?


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I do apologize for the delay on a reply. Let me check on that and we will contact you soon.

Hi Javier, how are you doing? It's good to see our Black Belt developers in this forum!

My name is Dmitry and I'm a community manager for Intel Cloud Services Platform. I'm trying to help developers use the services.

Back to your question. All the APIs support a straightforward RESTful API interface based on the principles of CRUD. Since our web APIs can be called using the HTTP protocol, they support a variety of application languages (including C#).

Here is an article with some C# code samples: Using Commerce Services REST APIs – C#.NET tutorial.

Obviously, low-level HTTP calls in C# is time and resource consuming thing in terms of coding, so we have a team working on language-specific SDKs for the most popular languages. We'll release them as soon as they are stable and have been fully validated.

It'd be great to get some help and feedback from the community so we're very interested in "community driven" wrappers to the APIs which we can integrate in our SDKs.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your anwer.Currently I'm working in a personal project to provide unified access to cloud based services (e.g.: cache, storage, queues, ..). This C# library is develop/tested for Amazon (queues, caching and no-sql repository), Azure (cache only) and local access (cache only) so far. The project is published here: https://devtoolvox.codeplex.com . I'm in the process of adding documentation.

I'm looking forward to add support to more services, initially to the Intel Catalog services, then the identity stuff and so on. I'll follow the tutorial you pointed me at. 

Thanks a lot,

Javier Caceres

Intel Black Belt Software Developer

Microsoft C# MVP

Hello Dmitry,

My original question was already answered. In other hand I started using the Catalog services but I got stuck creating a Catalog. I created a separate post here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/393265

Some feedback on the documentaton I followed in that post:

-It's a bit tricky at the beginiing to realize that "Bearer" is a kind of keyword, I thought it was the app key or application name.

-The sections in the following link are confusing because there is no separation between sections so it's a bit hard to read, also the "Create Dataset" section is described as "Lists all datasets. Requires a Developer Id":



Hi, Javier, good app is very interesting, I will like meet more about this app


Hi, let me check on that and we will contact you soon.


Hi Javier Caceres,

 My name is Norm Chou and I'm a technical marketing engineer for Intel Cloud Service.

I actually have a fully funcational sample app I can send you that uses C#. It uses Intel Identity, Catalog, Curation and Recommendation. 

If you would like  a copy, please email me at norman.chou@intel.com

We started a project of a Portable .Net Wrapper for all .Net platforms (almost :)

All are invited to join and help.. Fork, commit and merge! 


Aviad s.

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